Alternate scene where instead of stopping Kristoff, Anna joins him in giving Hans a little roughing up, and then Elsa pummels him with snowballs until he’s backed up against the railing, then slips and falls overboard.
As Elsa’s hitting him, he’s yelling, “Someone… help me!”But no one helps him because no one loves him.




they should make red berry tea in tampon shaped teabags so it looks like you’re infusing your hot water with period blood

This, ladies and gentlemen is an example of a bad idea.

Talk shit all you want my teapons will make me a millionaire



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*blinks rapidly at the screen * What?

Watch Newly Released News Archive Clips From Early ‘Doctor Who’
A remote-controlled Dalek that sells books?! Just one of the many archived clips that emerged from last week:

One of the most delightful discoveries of the past seven days has been the digital archive that British Pathé News has made available for public viewing on YouTube. There’s an astonishing array of footage, serious and silly, and some of it features some familiar faces.
The folks at Feeling Listless have been trawling the archive looking for Doctor Who-related film clips, and here are a few of the absolute gems they found.
Take this radio-controlled Dalek bookseller from 1964:

Watch in Anglophenia’s Doctor Who’s Day roundup (which happens every Tuesday).

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*blinks rapidly at the screen * What?